Domaine Jacques Carillon - Grands Vins de Bourgogne

From the sky & the land,

as it should be.

The role of the monks in developing the vineyards of Burgundy is well-known, and was fundamental. Cîteaux, the Mazières Abbey and Cluny left their mark for eternity.

A unique and exceptional know-how, passed from generation to generation.

When the Popes moved to Avignon in 1309, they tasted and appreciated the wines of Burgundy, and helped make them known to kings, princes and the European aristocracy who stayed in Avignon.

This is the beginning of a wonderful history which continues to make wine lovers dream the world over.

« If the vine grows from the ground, it is thanks to the sky that it flourishes, with hard work and prayer. »

Vignoble de Bourgogne

The land does not lie.

Respect it, observe it,
listen to it, understand it.

Nature chooses its own rhythm, we only assist it. “Respect plants, never force them”.

Vines are both fragile and resistant, the future is to continue building untiringly, vintage after vintage.

Here more than anywhere, it’s the terroir that offers the “It”.

Unfailingly tied to his village and his vines, Jehan Carillon was already a winemaker in 1520!

It’s from this lineage that Jacques Carillon descends.

Today Sylvia and Jacques produce from a domain of 5 hectares/12.5 acres, exclusively planted in the best climats of Puligny-Montrachet.

All of our wines are from our own vineyards.

The pleasure of wine is a pleasure linked to the memory of both the ground and of man.

« When I am alone in my vineyards I listen, I observe. I have the feeling of being an integral part of a universe. »